Hawken, a mech based shooter
Free to Play Games are quickly becoming the go-to for money efficient entertainment, but how free are they? Free to Play Games span everywhere from mobile apps to high end gaming computers, and income can be generated from ad revenue or in app purchases such as topping up an in game currency using real money. Free to Play Shooters like the popular Warface, make use of a devoted fanbase for their income, such as purchasing XP to level up, but much more popular mobile apps like Candy Crush Saga, make millions from quick purchases for extra lives or skipping levels, and the companies exploit people's addiction for a profit.

My personal verdict is that most free to play games are not as money efficient as they seem, but there are games that let you have hours of fun without spending a dime. My personal recommendations are DC Universe, BeGone and Hawken.

By Faheem Anwar

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