As the 2015 results (school allocations) are received today and trickle into the offices of 11+ West Midlands, they will be updated here regularly. Once again this has been another great year for 11+ West Midlands with many successes for grammar and independent schools. A big CONGRATULATIONS to all our students who have passed the 11+ exam and been successful in gaining places at grammar schools for 2015! Prathamesh - King Edwards School (KES) Scholarship Sulaimaan - King Edward VI Camp Hill School -(Boys) / King Edwards School (KES) Suhail - King Edwards School (KES) Saad - King Edward VI Five Ways / King Edwards School (KES) Aadam - King Edwards School (KES) Hari - King Edwards School (KES) Ria - King Edward VI Camp Hill School (Girls) / King Edwards High School (Girls' KES) Hanin - King Edward VI Camp Hill School (Girls) Jessamine - Wolverhampton Girls' High School Razeen - Handsworth Grammar School (Boys) Reem - King Edward VI Camp Hill School (Girls) / King Edwards High School (Girls' KES) Shakti - Wolverhampton Girls' High School Arjun - Bablake School Fatima - Wolverhampton Girls' High School Arunvir - Queen Mary’s Grammar School (Boys) Jasmeet - Queen Mary’s Grammar School (Boys) Varun - King Edwards School (KES) Rahima - Queen Mary's High School (Girls) Gabriella - Sutton Coldfield Grammar School (Girls) Ibraheem - King Edward VI Camp Hill School (Boys) / King Edwards School (KES) Scholarship Hakan - King Edward VI Aston School (Boys) Alisha - King Edwards High School (Girls' KES) Si - King Edward VI Camp Hill School (Girls) 11+ West Midlands Preparing Your Child For Grammar School Telephone: 0121 288 3000 Mobile: 07507 366 417 Email: Web:

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    My son found his lessons enjoyable and stimulating. I will most definitely be using 11 plus West Midlands for my other son when the time comes! Thank you so much :-)

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    I found 11 plus West Midlands extremely helpful at times of school tests and examinations by providing good quality learning resources and revision tools.

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    My daughter reached her upmost potential here, the road to success and high attainment starts at 11+westmidlands. Many thanks

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    Congratulations to all the students above for working extremely hard in attaining success. Well done guys and gals!